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SUNSET SUNDAY – ‘Not Just a Phase’ Album Review

SUNSET SUNDAY - 'Not Just a Phase' Album Review

SUNSET SUNDAY – Not Just a Phase Formed in the West Country of England in 2014, Sunset Sunday are set to release their debut album early in 2016. Opening with the appropriately named Hello, the band are confident enough to introduce us with just over half a

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VANISHING LIFE – ‘Surveillance’ Album Review

VANISHING LIFE - 'Surveillance' Album Review

VANISHING LIFE – Surveillance Vanishing Life were formed in the muddy fields of Belgium during the Groezrock hardcore punk festival in 2014. They are often referred to as a hardcore “supergroup” as the band members include Autry Fulbright of And You Will Know Us By The Trail

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SYSTEM OF HATE – ‘Unhallowed Ground’ Album Review

SYSTEM OF HATE - 'Unhallowed Ground' Album Review

SYSTEM OF HATE – Unhallowed Ground The vaguely middle eastern keyboard opening to the track Rogue Apostle briefly engages the listener before System of Hate launch into a monster guitar riff and vocal treatment that reminded me of Killing Joke. The album from these punk rockers from

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VANDALISM – ‘Kings & Beggars’Album Review

VANDALISM – 'Kings & Beggars'Album Review

VANDALISM – Kings & Beggars From the powerful opening to the title track Kings & Beggars, Vandalism exhibit their hardcore chops in a Propaghandhi style. The aggressively delivered vocals are backed by layers of guitars and some excellent drumming. Weight On Their Backs continues to show the

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Guruzsmás – Üst A Gríz Felett

Guruzsmás - Üst A Gríz Felett

Guruzsmás – Üst A Gríz Felett In Hungary, somebody who is called a “guruzsmás” is a person who’s able to put a spell on someone else, or who himself/herself is being enchanted. Guruzsmás have been the foursome came together to record music that somewhat defies description. However,

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PARASITES – ‘Pair of Sides’ Album Review

PARASITES - 'Pair of Sides' Album Review

PARASITES – ‘Pair of Sides’ This re-release from Violated Records, comes from New Jerseys Parasites. Originally released in 1990, the debut album of the band, Pair of Sides is a pop-punk classic. The Parasites have shared the stage with countless national bands such as: Green Day, Rancid,

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NEKAD – ‘Klusumā’ Review

NEKAD - 'Klusumā' Review

NEKAD – ‘Klusumā’ Although NEKAD recorded this album back in March, some line-up changes have delayed the band sending this one over. The band hail from Riga, Latvia and Klusma is one potent dose of hardcore punk rock. The first track, Dzivojam Apatija blends some grindcore with

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REPTILIANS FROM ANDROMEDA (aka RFA) – Sonic Rabbit Hole In the past few days we have received music from Riga-Latvia, New York, Hungary and this release from Istanbul, Turkey. Reptilians From Andromeda were formed in 2013 but harken back to punk roots for over 20 years. They

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SIBLING – ‘Miserable Love’ EP Review

SIBLING - 'Miserable Love' EP Review

SIBLING –  Miserable Love Haling from the Berkshire, England towns of Windsor and Maidenhead, Sibling’s three band members make an infectious noise that is fully demonstrated on their new four song EP Miserable Love. The songs deal with relationships and breaking up with some self-loathing thrown in

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BREN – ‘Sickbed’ EP Review

BREN - 'Sickbed' EP Review

BREN – Sickbed Featuring Matt from Comrade Nixon and Marco Polio, BREN hail from the northern reaches of New York State and have released a debut three song EP, Sickbed. BREN are a three-piece punk band and they are currently recording their debut album. This EP was

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COLD SUMMER – ‘Fight To Survive’ EP Review

COLD SUMMER – 'Fight To Survive' EP Review

COLD SUMMER – Fight To Survive Cold Summer are an energetic post-hardcore four-piece from Leeds. The band’s sound is very difficult to pin down and categorize. Their latest six song EP, Fight to Survive, opens with a U2 style keyboard and guitar introduction before launching into a

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UNDERCLASS UK – ‘Rip Your Face Off’ Album Review

UNDERCLASS UK - 'Rip Your Face Off' Album Review

UNDERCLASS UK– Rip Your Face Off Underclass UK were formed in Dagenham in the 1980’s and the first track Always Darkest Before the Dawn on the their new album, Rip Your Face Off, recalls Stiff Little Fingers at their best.  The band have experienced a few ups

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