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2 grès – ‘De Gre Ou De Force’ EP Review

2 grès – De Gre Ou De Force

2 grèsHailing from the Paris region, 2 grès (2 Sandstone according to Google translate) have released a four track EP, De Gre Ou De Force, full of power and angst. Self professed ‘post metal’ in sound, the opening track, Avent Que L’Effrol Nous Frappe clocks in over five and a half minutes in length and the band use this length to explore a number of directions and approaches from an angry and aggressive punk rock section to a sole guitar notes section that calmly sees the song to a close…it’s bold and it works!

Le Retour Sera Dur opens with some feedback and then an ominous bass, slow drumbeat flatters to deceive as growled vocal introduce chunky power chords and a strong beat bringing Amebix to mind! On Le Benefice En Doute (The Benefit Of The Doubt) 2 grès showcase a sorrowful guitar lick and some desperate sounding vocals full of loss and longing. The track launches into a stirring head banging section and then returns to the sorrowful guitar interlude before a manic muscular ending!

Closing with Ca Rend Con, 2 grès provide four and a half minutes of exploration starting with a rhythmic guitar and drum introduction that builds and builds reeling in the listener for over half the song before growled/screamed vocals take the track into epic territory – I loved this track….full of angst and intelligence!

Check out the EP here – it’s well worth a listen: https://2gres.bandcamp.com/album/de-gr-ou-de-force