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21 AGAIN – There’s No Way That I Could Deal Without You EP

21 AGAIN – There’s No Way That I Could Deal Without You

21 Again21 AGAIN hail from Marseille, France and have just released their new EP, There’s No Way That I Could Deal Without You, in September. The seven-track pile-driver opens with See You On The Other Side where an eerie keyboard develops into a power-riff and fast-paced drums with ethereal female vocals. The track features an interplay of male/female vocalists with numerous tempo changes all combining to craft a melodic and powerful punk rocker.

The production values are high throughout and on Marseille the wall of sound helps drive the song through. There is an early Paramore vibe about 21 AGAIN with a pop-punk undercurrent helping pay homage to the bands hometown.

Next up is Road Trip with its bouncy beat and melodic vocals helping to create a rocking track with prominent bass guitar and those strong vocals. Twenty One Grams is a clever 21 seconds in length and is basically a lick driven power play that is over before it begins!! The excellent The World’s Biggest Losers is replete with full group backing vocals and romps along with power-chords a plenty interspersed with slower moments that serve to highlight the power-punk choruses…great song!

The penultimate song, Life Is Worth Living, begins with a high-pitched guitar lick that is joined by some punchy bass and riffs with some hammering drums. The chorus is almost Husker Du like with the female vocals joining with male backing vocals and walls of guitars. Last up is The Toughest Girl I’ve Ever Met and this time the vocals are male led over an acoustic guitar played very fast! I’m reminded of The Men They Couldn’t Hang and Billy Bragg on speed! I loved it!

21 AGAIN are powerful, polished and Paramore-like with complex, intricate songs all driven forward by a pop/punk approach. Good stuff indeed and you can get a hold of There’s No Way That I Could Deal Without You here:-