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30 MILES – ‘Short Tales For Braves’ Album Review

30 MILES – Short Tales For Braves

30 MilesDisconnect Disconnect Records have signed Italy’s long running melodic punk/skate-punk band, 30 Miles to their roster for the release of their new record Short Tales For Braves.

The album was released a couple of weeks ago and opens with some excellent melodic guitar work that builds into a super track with pounding drums, big vocals and intricate guitars all making The Forest a delightful, almost six-minute track, full of changes of pace, noise levels and interesting segments…this is post-hardcore lover’s dream!

Although there are just seven songs on the album, many are lengthy and Candle Thief clocks in at almost four and a half minutes and is a soaring ballad with dominant guitar licks, those hammering drums and super melodic vocals whilst Brotherhood Spirit again uses the technique of a solo plaintive guitar starting things and setting up a powerful ballad driven by some intricate drumming and super vocals reminding me a little of Nirvana!

Their Brains Upside Down maintains the laid back guitars and vocals for the entire track with subdued drums, clever licks and emotional vocals holding down the ballad before the mammoth, seven minute, theirty-three seconds of Painter On Panic kicks in and uses the length of the track to wander down a variety of alleys full of intricate math-punk beats and clever guitar licks/riffs. The vocals add a melodic punch as the song offers some terrific post-hardcore section but the real beauty of the track is the variety the band pack in throughout!

The penultimate song, The Illusionist packs a more aggressive punch and rocks with some raw power and a touch of 1970s glam-rock vocals and the album concludes with The Beasts where 30 Miles launch into a full frontal assault after a brief vocal clip and the song reminds me of Amebix/Anti-Sect albeit a bit faster – it is a corker of a song!!


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