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3TEETH – ‘shutdown.exe’ Album Review

3TEETH – <shutdown.exe>

3teethLos Angeles’s 3TEETH are an industrial rock band gaining a huge reputation around the world. <Shutdown.exe> is the bands second full-length album and will be released on the 19th May on OMF Records.

“…I think we all tend to get too caught up in our own shit and lose sight of the bigger picture. ‘<shutdown.exe>’ is about hacking your own consciousness to uninstall, re-evaluate, and update fresh operating system as we move into the new aeon.” 
– Alexis Mincolla, vocals

<shutdown.exe> features thirteen songs that display a fusion of experimental industrial, metal and synth driven rock that the band has gained notoriety for. The album features anarchic anthem Atrophy (video below).

Opening with Divine Weapon where religious chants craft a foreboding atmosphere that gives way to swirling synths, bass drum and then power chords, it is clear from the outset that 3TEETH have taken influences such as Nine Inch Nails and Killing Joke and put them through the grinder – indeed, Divine Weapon descends into grindcore with vocals dredged up from the bowels of hell and musical backing full of experimental noise whilst maintaining a steady beat and accessibility. Pit Of Fire maintains the grindcore pace but adds some sheer ferocity of vocals to create an angrier sound. The aforementioned Atrophy begins with a documentary style voice and then goes full on Nine Inch Nails with eclectic synths before the song progresses to an anthem like chorus.

The songs are lengthy which gives the band plenty of room to experiment with soundscapes and the Nitzer Ebb style Oblivion Coil is a fine example of industrial dance/rock music. If you are a fan of Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 as well as early Nine Inch Nails then 3TEETH are your band – they bring an updated viewpoint to the genre and tracks such as Degrade add a bit of Rammstein to the mix!

SlaveGod returns to the foreboding atmosphere of the opening track and is a powerful mix of distorted guitar, keyboards, gut-wrenching vocals and screams! The opening keyboard of Insubstantia provide some aural relief before they turn atonal and the song develops into a beat driven industrial noise-fest!

The album closes with Away From Me, a powerful song with strong melody and an anthem like feel. 3TEETH are dystopian in sound, experimental yet powerful and accessible.

Check out <shutdown.exe> and prior release here: https://3teeth.bandcamp.com/