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ACE OF WANDS Stream ’10,000 Feet’ Ahead of EP Release

ACE OF WANDS Stream ’10,000 Feet’ Ahead of EP Release

Ace of Wands

Credit: Becca Lemire

Ace of Wands have a brand new EP out on August 17th titled ’10,000 Feet’. The band sent us an exclusive preview (see below) as well as the following info:


Hi Punk Online,

Drawing on a background of rock and roll, classical violin training and folk music, we expand our songwriting to incorporate facets of cinematic soundscapes, pop melodies and interlocking guitars and vocals.

Our debut single, “Grown From Good,” included a download code card embedded with wildflower seeds and accompanied by a glass jar of full of soil. The wildflower download cards encouraged our audience to engage with their environment and communities while consuming music. “10,000 Feet,” our new single and video, is being released today as a digital download, and is accompanied by an 8″ balsa wood glider. We are particularly interested in the idea of play as a philosophy by which to engage our music and our community. Facilitating an audience’s ability to move beyond the passive act of listening to the music is a central component of everything that we create together.

Filmed and directed by Samuel Scott, “10,000 Feet” is the second instalment in a trilogy of videos that carry themes of physical and spiritual transformation. This video introduces audiences to Anna Mernieks, our lead guitarist. Continuing the visual elements of Canadian landscapes, fire and fabric, “10,000 Feet” sees a change in the season from summer (as previously seen in the “Grown from Good” visuals) into winter. We hiked across a frozen lake, carrying 100-pound bags of equipment, to film the video. All costume components were built by hand (including the masks, capes, prop books and fabric entity.)

10,000 Feet” introduces a character called the Lioness, and we watch as she completes her transformation from woman into animal. The Lioness will return in the trilogy’s final video, set for release this coming fall. Each of the videos will see our band travel through different landscapes and seasons, chronicling their journeys of self-discovery, self-hatred and self-love.





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