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ACID BLOOD – ‘Dagger Eyes’ EP Review

ACID BLOOD – Dagger Eyes

Acid BloodAcid Blood is a new band from Umeå, Sweden, formed in late 2016.  Their debut 7″ EP Dagger Eyes was released in August 2017 in three limited editions:

  • 150 copies on neon-yellow vinyl
  • 150 copies on purple transparent vinyl
  • 150 copies on black vinyl

Opening with the title track, Dagger Eyes, a rumbling bass and fast drums lead into a monster riff and some of the best female punk vocals I’ve heard in a while. The track is a refreshing dose of straight up punk rock full of aggression, energy and passion and had a number of Punk Online folks sitting up and paying attention.

The second track of the three on this album is Full Speed Ahead and, with a song title like that, it simply hurtles along with a Motorhead vibe with a brief solo, great interplay of male/female vocals and a breathless pace.

Acid Blood wrap up this excellent debut with Wartimes, a song with a dirty riff, garage sound and a foot stomping beat reminiscent of Iggy and the Stooges. It is a rock and roller that will have many a head banging along.

Acid Blood are now booking shows for their first tour and you can check them out here – http://facebook.com/acidbloodumea  – you won’t be disappointed!