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ACOLYTES – ‘Pounding Dance Music’ EP Review

ACOLYTES – Pounding Dance Music

AcolytesNorthamptonshire band Acolytes released their 5-track EP, Pounding Dance Music last month. Opening with the sub-two minute powerhouse track, Coup de Grace the guitar introduction leads to a pounding track reminiscent of Black Flag and the Idles but with a rawness that is both engaging and different. The vocals mesh well with the excellent guitar work all held together by a storming rhythm section.

Wanting a War is a 77 seconds of sheer aggression with screamed vocals bringing the song to arms and a slower churning pace meeting 150mph sections. It’s chaotic, angry, clever and can only be described as ‘bottled energy’

The third song, Lord of the Land has a Black Flag circa My War era with heavy undertones, angry as hell vocals all driving forward with significant momentum. The penultimate song, Worst Case Scenario is even more chaotic with a wall of sound laying the foundation for some of the most throat splitting vocals heard in many a year!

The EP concludes with the longest track, Sacrifice. Clocking in at three minutes and 45 seconds, the track opens with a relatively restrained solo guitar that is soon joined by a military drum and spoken/sung vocals. There is a sense of a build akin to The Mob and the band do not disappoint with a Black Sabbath-esque riff that builds and builds interspersed with those more restrained sections. It’s great stuff and it will rip the paint off your walls.

Acolytes have kicked off 2018 in fitting style – raw, edgy, angry and powerful – it is how punk rock should be!

Take a listen, you won’t be wasting your time. Find Pounding Dance Music by Acolytes here: https://acolytesnn10.bandcamp.com/album/pounding-dance-music-ep