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AERIAL SALAD – ‘Roach’ Album Review


Aerial SaladManchester punk-trio, Aerial Salad have teamed up with London label, Plasterer Records for the release of their debut album, Roach.

Aerial Salad formed in Manchester in 2016, with the main aim to make life a little more interesting for themselves. They formed a plan, got together in a room and started to write some music. Drawing from influences such as Jawbreaker, Green Day and Weezer to craft a sound reminiscent to ‘90s melodic punk rock bands.

The 12-track album begins with the tremendous Habits And Problems with stocky guitar riffs and melodic yet raw vocals. Leave Me Alone is much faster and more aggressive in terms of the music and the vocals reminding me more of Fugazi/Black Flag than the punk-pop purveyors.

The band show another side on the heavy serrated guitar intro of Headspace as the song drills into your skull demanding some movement – great track! After the first three songs all sub-two minutes in length, Ariel Salad hit next with the longer Conservative Thinking. The track emerges from an extended introduction into a ska verse, heavier than hell chorus combo – wow! 05 97 (is that a reference to a birthdate?) drips with nihilism backed by a churning punk rock backing.

The band don’t take themselves too seriously as evidenced by the Worst Case Ontario song title. The track itself is a rollicking punk rock romp with a hardcore edge with some early Green Day (think Dookie) vibe. Some prominent bass guitar that drives through the verses before the guitar explodes for Nirvana style choruses joins the pounding drum introduction to Check My Mind. Dunhiils is a melodic punk rocker followed by Throw It Away, a faster version of the pop-punk genre.

On Alone Forever an engaging guitar riff is propelled forward by the rumbling bass and tight drums to create a circle-pit inducing cracker of a song! The penultimate song, Success again owes a great deal to some excellent bass and drum work allowing the guitar and vocals to add drive and energy. This super album closes with the powerful and punchy Patricroft where the vocals have more of an edge – check these folks out – they are fun, powerful punk rockers!!!

Check out Roach by Aerial Salad here: https://aerialsalad.bandcamp.com/