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AIRS AND GRACES – Voting At The Hall

AIRS AND GRACES – Voting At The Hall

Airs and GracesAirs & Graces hail from Germany and Canada. Born in mid-2012, the band set out to be the most energetic, raucous and also “shantyish” punk band on the planet. The band is well-known for their boundless enthusiasm, infectious energy and supreme devotion to their fans and their music.

They released their 14-track album, Voting At The Hall, on March 17th and open things up with the rabble rousing, Cards, replete with Oi! style vocals, mandolin solos and a UK punk 1977 vibe…it’s a super track and bodes well for the entire album.

Next up is These Hands Master with a boisterous Celtic punk undertone that has hints of the Dropkick Murphys but crossed with Cock Sparrer for melody and power. Ginger Red Bastard is a song that demands a pint of Guinness in one hand whilst the other is around the shoulder of your closest friend to encourage a swaying, punching of the air at the relevant time!

Four Corners is yet another punked-up sea shanty like The Men They Couldn’t Hang as the lyrics are political and it is followed with a Pogues on steroids Ringing Of The Bell. The tracks are mainly only three minutes in length allowing the songs to breath and explore the interplay of instruments as they do on the country punk of Turn Her Into the wind with punk guitars mingling with mandolins and terrace chant style vocals.

Midway through the album Airs & Graces deliver a “knees up” with Throat and follow it with the 90 seconds of Straighten Your Back with political commentary joining in with the punky backing. On A Town So Black the mandolin entry sets up another rowdy romp through Celtic/country punk territory whilst Refuse To Go brought the aforementioned Dropkick Murphys back to mind as it is faster and heavier.

The Devil’s Factory comes over like a 100mph square dance and, by now, it is clear that Airs & Graces have released a super album that I must see performed live with a few beers and a few mates.  The band maintain a relentless pace and the hooks keep on coming on Three Sisters and Never Wanted Trouble with the latter channeling Cock Sparrer for sure.

The album concludes with Pull Me Out where the band leave nothing on the cutting room floor and end this 14 track package with a truly fun and powerful encore. Great stuff that you need to grab a hold of!

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