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AIWASS – ‘Prelude To A Psychodrama’ Review

AIWASS – Prelude To A Psychodrama

AiwassOriginally active from 1996-1999, these Phoenix, Arizona-based dark rockers are back with a vengeance. Blending elements of punk, grunge, and alternative, Aiwass have compiled all their old hits into the debut LP that has been on the cards for decades.

Prelude to a Psychodrama opens with a “Fuck You” and then Waste Of Time presents us with 95 seconds of sheer punk rock heaven that reminded me of Black Flag in the Rollins days – I loved it!

The much longer Cemetery Of The Living opens with an extended drum-beat that is joined by a booming base and foreboding guitar chords. The vocals add to the dark atmosphere as the bass and drums support and the chorus is just massive.  The entire office migrates over to my desk as No Exit starts with that prominent bass and then develops into heavy, hook laden mid-paced punk rocker replete with angry as hell vocals.

There are fifteen tracks on the album and a great deal of variety as with the fast-paced skate punk of Punished One where I am reminded of Pennywise and the slow, weird, metal like Secret Pawns with it’s atonal verses and monster choruses. Then you get Attack Of The Cheese Weiners with a Dead Kennedys/Weezer/Devo vibe.

Aiwass have a number of strings to their bow and the heavy guitars of Stuck Up You are punk at its best with angry lyrics laid over monster riffs. On I Am the pace is upped as the band go full frontal hardcore punk whereas the stuttering riffs of Kitty Trap don’t forsake the power.

Iterate takes us a different direction with a jazzy bass and rolling drums supporting a shouted rant before a hardcore guitar and snarled vocals interrupt briefly. The album is delightful in its diversity with The Something channeling an indie/goth band such as Danse Society/Sisters Of Mercy with a little Rollins Band thrown in for good measure.

The band’s sense of humour is back on show with The Tale Of Spunky The Monkey with atonal guitars, cymbals and computer altered vocals introducing the following 150mph sections – it’s a strange one! 74 seconds of brilliant punk rock follows with Unintended leading up to the penultimate song, My Life, where a Troops Of Tomorrow drum-beat sets up a distant vocal that develops into head-banging nirvana. The album ends with House Of Tears where the band slow it down and deliver a majestic power ballad full of angst and anger – great stuff!

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