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ALIAS KID – ‘Revolt to Revolt’ Review

After recently supporting Jesus and the Mary Chain on their Psychocandy tour, Alias Kid will soon be touring again, this time with Shaun Ryder’s reformed Black Grape. By keeping such accomplished company I needed to hear their debut album ‘Revolt to Revolt’ to see what all the fuss is about.


Signed by Alan McGee to his latest label – 359 Music/Cherry Red Records – Alias Kid have come a long way in a very short space of time and are being tipped as the next great band to emerge from Manchester. Comparisons to Oasis and Happy Monday’s have already been made and on first listen there is certainly that familiar Mancunian swagger throughout the well-polished album.

‘Dirty Soul’ kicks things off with repeated cries of “Come On” before the melodic tones of Gallagher-esque singalong kicks in. It’s a precursor to what’s to follow, pop punk mixed with some serious grunge guitar but sticking to the familiar harmonious anthems which will surely go down well with today’s youth attempting to escape the all too accustomed X-Factor syndrome.

‘Revolution Sometime’ is a fist-pumping track to rise against the establishment featuring an excellent bass rift throughout and their third single to be released ‘Messiah’ builds to a climax fit for any post-Oasis rock ballad.

This is obviously an accomplished album and is certainly one for Alias Kid to build their ever growing reputation on. There are a couple of weaker tracks, ‘All Over Now’ and ‘Smoke and Ashes’, which sail too close to the pop music phenomenon for me but all in all this is a very decent effort.

Paul Quinn of Teenage Fanclub comments “I think the time is politically right for a band like Alias Kid. They are a band that average kids on the street and in housing schemes can look at and say ‘We can do that’.”

For me Alias Kid need an identity, are they pop or are they punk? I suspect at this stage they don’t really care, they are enjoying their rapid progress and as member Sean O’Donnell adds, “It’s incredible, in the truest sense of the word, to think it’s only just over a year since we formed, and now, we’re making music videos and in a studio working with people of Paul (Quinn) and Kevin’s (Burleigh) calibre.”

Watch out for these guys, they could well be Manchester’s next big thing.


Gaz – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Dirty Soul
  2. Revolution Sometime
  3. Zara Henna
  4. Smoke and Ashes
  5. Messiah
  6. Shot Through
  7. She Don’t Yeah Yeah Yeah
  8. All Over Now
  9. Never Negotiate
  10. Wheels