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ALIEN SEX FIEND – ‘Possessed’ Album Review


Alien Sex FiendAlien Sex Fiend have been plying their goth-punk trade for thirty-five years and have just released their brand-new studio album, Possessed. This is the first new album since 2010’s hugely successful Death Trip.

The album will be Issued on CD and gatefold Double LP – both of which include format exclusive mixes and swathes of Nik Fiend artwork. The blips, beats and ambient industrial noise that opens the album under the appropriately title Possessed (Intro) set up the thumping single, Shit’s Coming Down where the steady beats anchor a variety of dark synthesisers’, heavy guitar chords and a distant, effect infused vocal.

The foreboding electronic sounds that swirl around the introduction to It’s In My Blood, set up a gloomy keyboard riff backed by danceable rhythms as the song slowly builds and makes full use of the eleven minutes of length to introduce another effect infused vocal and the band show admirable restraint for much of the track before it explodes into a cacophony of industrial rock with hints of Killing Joke. On Carcass the bass focused keyboard duels with ambient effects and a consistent beat to produce a menacing track that emerges into a bluesy rocker channelling Primal Scream and Ghost In The Machine adds to the bluesy undertone with some country tinges (all ensconced in an electronic package) with strange vocal elements!

With Amnesia, Alien Sex Fiend bring forward a strong snare drum, wobbly bass keyboard and some industrial effects to produce a slow march of funky goth/metal noise and then Spine-Tingler is a short, strange, sub one-minute vocal mash up before Gotta Get Back returns to the extended length (over four minutes) industrial track with a slightly disconcerting vocal set over some dissonant noise and slow drum beat.

Invisible (The Beyond Mix) uses the full six minutes-plus to lay down an engaging chord progression, slow drum machine, spoken/sung vocals and a variety of effects to create an intriguing effort with Neutron following up with jazzy guitar licks, faster drum machine effects to create an instrumental track full of twists and turns. The penultimate track of the twelve on this album is Bloody Reprisal and the band return to a short, repetitive guitars and whispered vocal gloom that is lightened up by a harmonica effect!

Ending with a version of Shit’s Coming Down (Monster Mix) Alien Sex Fiend leave us with a goth-industrial-punk classic full of latent power, special effects and pounding drumbeat…phew!


Get the excellent package from Cherry Red Records here: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/alien-sex-fiend-possessed/