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ALL HOPE REMAINS – ‘Hindsight’ EP Review


All Hope RemainsAustralian punk rockers, All Hope Remains hail from  Surfcoast, Victoria. They have just released their debut EP,  Hindsight a few weeks ago through the label Pivot City Music.

The six track EP opens with Sorrow Sustained with some powerful riffs, monster hooks and no shortage of melody, the band channel Bad Religion in sound and approach.

The manic drumming that threatens to run away it’s so fast propels Tolerate forward with some neat pace changes (slows down a tad) for the choruses. On Bleed Regret the melodies drip out with some post punk/post hardcore approaches.

The eighty-nine seconds of Smoke And Mirrors maintains an impressive fast pace with the vocals layering a bunch of melody and harmony to the track with the follow up, These Machines, a chunkier mid paced rocker with some dirty riff work driving the song on.

The closer, Worthless returns to those fast drum beats, power riffs and the plaintive melodic vocals. The band are tight and pacey and this one is a very promising debut.


Check out Hindsight by All Hope Remains here on Bandcamp:  www.allhoperemains.bandcamp.com