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Alvin GibbsAlvin Gibbs, the ever-popular U.K. Subs bassist has just announced the release of his debut solo album. Showcasing Alvin’s strong and distinctive lead vocals, alongside his guitar and bass playing throughout, the guest musicians gracing this album is an impressive list of luminaries from the punk and alternative rock scene from the past 40 years. The “disobedient servants” are:-

Brian James – The Damned / Lords Of The New Church

Leigh Heggarty – Ruts DC

Mick Rossi – Slaughter & The Dogs

Timo Kaltio – Hanoi Rocks / Cheap ‘N’ Nasty

Mel Wesson – Ambient music designer/The Verve ‘Bittersweet Symphony’/

U.K. Subs ‘Diminished Responsibility’ LP

Steve Crittall – The Godfathers

James Stevenson – Generation X / Chelsea / The Cult / The Alarm

Barrington Francis – The Saints

Jamie Oliver – U.K. Subs

The twelve-track album opens with the rocking Arterial Pressure that has elements of the New York Dolls with big guitar solos, tight riffs and a solid, fast drumbeat supporting slightly snarled vocals. Ghost Train takes on an early Damned vibe with some horror-punk elements with a mid-paced churning approach and then Dumb adds some handclaps to the signature riff and Gibbs vocals dominate the rhythmic rocker that, again, has elements of the first wave of punk in the 1976/77 era.

Camden Town Gigolo is a pop-punk rocker and Clumsy Fingers enters with a strong beat, rumbling bass and develops into a pulsating rocker with some of those aforementioned Damned vibes before Heaven And The Angels changes things up with ambient keyboards, Spanish guitar and builds into a powerful ballad with strong vocals.

The aptly titled Back To Mayhem turns up the volume and pace simply barrels out of the speakers with punk rock credibility and intent with group backing vocals adding to the ambience whilst Polemic returns to a slower pace and a bluesy rock and roll playbook. No! is not a cover of the Subhumans classic but a pop-punk churning effort with melodic elements and Desperate Dave Is Dead is full of big guitar licks/solos reminding me a little of The Kinks and leads to the penultimate song, I’m Not Crying Now with its Blur-esque storytelling and blues backing. The album concludes with Deep As Our Skin and Gibbs and his ‘servants’ deliver us home with a raucous rocker replete with big solos and urgent vocals.


You can get this one at the link below.

Pre Order: www.timematterrecordings.bigcartel.com