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AMERICAN ANYMEN – ‘Flag Burner’ EP Review


American AnymenFor those of us living in Tr*mp’s America, it is hard to “live with the knowledge that half the country voted for fascism” as American Anymen state on the excellent protest title track of their new EP. American Anymen self-describe as an outspoken antifolk / punk / alternative outfit based in Brooklyn, New York. Flag Burner is full of angry lyrics, male & female vocals, radio announcer style “voice Of God” and ambient noise all propelled by an acoustic guitar and solid drumbeat.

Frontman Brett Sullivan is angry and it’s about time that the punk community focused some energy on the alt-right as American Anymen do on President 2 as they suggest that Tr*mp goes surfing and “hangs ten” as that will change him. Chanted interplay of vocals and tribal drums create a different vibe as police sirens join in and there is a Violent Femmes vibe to the track.

These folks are angry and rightly so. The final track of the three on this EP (all over four minutes in length) attacks the military industrial complex with some very astute lyrics. The history lesson in the rise of ‘multi death corporations’ is compelling and topical. For the older punk rockers reading this, it may be as astounding to you as it is me that we are still dealing with fascism and imperialism but it’s time to crush these fleas again. Late To The Party rolls along to a strong melody with vocals in the style of fellow New Yorker, Jeffrey Lewis and it’s a brilliant protest song.

American Anymen are the real deal – check out Flag Burner EP here: https://americananymen.bandcamp.com/