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AMERICAN STANDARDS – ‘Anti-Melody’ Album Review


American StandardsAmerican Standards are a hardcore punk band out of Phoenix, AZ with a new-found DIY approach that has led to their new album, Anti Melody. The simply mind-blowing beginning to the album with the fast-paced, angry screamed lyrics and powerful guitars has me sitting up and taking notice. Writer’s Block Party takes twists and turns with some spoken words, gut-wrenching screams, bass breaks and drum rolls all adding to the organized chaos. It is stunning!

The band sent through some personal background to the album and they say it best here:

“What started as social commentary on the growing divide in our society became very personal when our founding guitarist (Cody Conrad) passed of suicide and then soon after, my father of cancer. We went back in to re-write much of the album and in a lot of ways used it as therapy to cope with the experiences. Although intimate, at its core Anti-Melody is centered around the universal theme of separation on many levels.”

The second track of the eight-track album is Carpe Diem, Tomorrow (Surely a contender for song title of the year??) and the hardcore/scream-core onslaught continues with a monster riff, epic solo and pounding drums driving this one home. On Church Burner American Standards hint at some melody before destroying the speakers with throat splitting screams. Like most tracks they explore different tempos, varieties of sounds and rip it up throughout!

Bartenders Without Wings begins with a restrained guitar solo and is joined by a chugging drum and bass with plaintive spoken/screamed vocals. The group shout of “Give us the shackles, we’ll find the wall” made the hair stand up on the back of my neck!

As we pass the half-way mark, Danger Music #9 is an eclectic noise-fest with atonal guitar, churning chords and those signature vocals and it is followed by the extremely personal Cancer Eater. An homage to his father, the track catapults along as a head-banging mosh-pit friendly epic and the vocals are wrenched from the pit of the gut…phew!

The second to last song, Broken Culture, had us jumping around the room with a fast drumbeat only interrupted by the odd melodic vocal and slowed down piece! Reminded me of Canadian noise rockers Metz.

Ending with the pulsating Chicago Overcoat with the screamed “Hard Times Are Coming” it is a powerful ending to a power-packed hardcore album

Grab a listen and have the ear-pugs handy! The Anti-Melody album stream by American Standards is here: