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ANCORA VIVI – ‘Self-Titled’ EP Review

ANCORA VIVI – Self-Titled

Ancora ViviHailing from Lucca, Italy, Ancora Vivi recently released their self-titled debut EP. The band self-recorded this DIY effort and they have produced a corker full of authenticity and aplomb.

The opening track is simply titled Intro with a plaintive guitar playing a vaguely classical lick before a dark, hardcore approach takes over with a Black Flag meets Antisect vibe!

On I Violenti a bass lick introduces a UK82 style punker of a track reminding me of Chron Gen meeting Disorder and producing some fine offspring J The four-minute plus, Sangue is next and it has a more menacing atmosphere, slower in tempo and a prominent guitar supporting spoken/sung vocals. The track explodes into a churning and head-banging pace and changes tempo a few times in a post-hardcore fashion whilst maintaining a Rudimentary Peni vibe.

The harmonious bass guitar intro to Distruggere leads to a jazzy feel with spoken word vocals and a slow build throughout – it is clever and compelling and kicks into a full throttle punk rock ending. The penultimate track, Corri Ragazzo lays down an almighty punk rock riff and reminded me of Welsh punk rockers, Yr Anhrefn with power and attitude.

The closer is another four-minute plus track, Saremo Incubi with a slow (almost grindcore) opening  and the tempos change throughout but the Black Sabbath like riff keeps things together. The band introduce some interesting sections and segments to round off a thoroughly enjoyable punk/hardcore/post-hardcore debut.

You can get this EP by Ancora Vivi here:-



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