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AND BURN – ‘Setbacks’ Album Review

AND BURN – Setbacks

And BurnAnd Burn are a four-piece DIY Post hardcore band from the South Coast of Victoria, Wonthaggi to be exact. They have released two EP’s Keep to the Code and Never Bring a Knife to A Gun Fight along with two albums Living the Lie and this new release, Setbacks. The album opens with 543 where the power chords build into a melodic skate-punk atmosphere with an emo/post-punk touch.

All eight tracks are lengthy clocking in well over three minutes in most cases as is the case with For Better or Worse where the band offer up a pop-punk pleaser and follow it up with Polar Opposites where the band slow things down for an atmospheric opening before the drums join the vocals in powering a 150 mph verse and soaring melodic chorus. On Shadows And Burn power things along with a rollicking guitar lick and then slow it all down for a melodic vocal before speeding things back up again.

NMP builds a spiraling guitar lick and intricate drum pattern with angst ridden vocals and adds a meaty hook whilst Small Steps is full of walls of noise layered and layered to craft a strong juxtaposition with solo guitar and screamed vocal sections.

Whores Will Have Their Trinkets is the penultimate track and makes use of a soft guitar battling with some aggressive pace and power and hardcore vocal treatment as the band showcase a post-punk skill set!

The album closes with I Fully Hate Mondays as they wrap things up with another hook infused melodic powerhouse.

The album Setbacks by And Burn can be heard on Spotify and you can follow the band here




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