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ANDY WHITE – ‘The Guilty and The Innocent’ Review

ANDY WHITE – The Guilty and The Innocent

Andy WhiteAndy writes, “The Guilty & the Innocent is one half of a double album based on the twin themes of Love and Politics. But the time for these songs to be heard is now. In these times, we all have to do what we can—and this is what I can do”.

Andy White has been writing protest songs since the 1980’s. From his first single Religious Persuasion to his latest LP The Guilty & The Innocent, his lyrics and music have captured the gestalt of the times.. The new album opens with an excellent melodic mid-paced rocker, This Is Not A Television Show surely aimed at the buffoon currently masquerading as President of the USA.

Age Old Story has a Levellers vibe with plaintive vocals opening a song backed by soft piano notes, cellos (I think) and the restraint is evident throughout and that adds to the power of the ballad. The third track of the ten on this simply superb album has a gospel atmosphere as Andy White focuses on lyrics dripping with irony – Very Fine People matches acoustic guitar driven verses with fuller musical backing for the chorus.

On Promises Broken, the tempo is turned up a notch in a Dylan/Phil Ochs style whereas Mean Mofo has a more bluesy approach whilst maintaining an edgy folk/punk sound. On Dignity the Belfast troubadour takes on the issue of refugees explaining clearly that we are all human beings and even takes a back handed swipe at the so called “Christians” by reminding us all that “Jesus was a refugee…”

The darker and more powerful Unheard White again reminds me of the Levellers with his melodic folk/punk approach. He follows this up with Jeremy And Andy White – basically a positive love letter to Jeremy Corbyn full of humour and clever lines!

The penultimate track, The Peace They Need is more sparse and melancholic as it attacks the new world order. The album concludes with the title track The Guilty And The Innocent and it is a call to arms – some terrific storytelling, beautifully delivered.

We see punk rock as a broad protest church and Andy White is a welcome member of the congregation – super album! Check out Andy White here: http://www.andywhite.com/


Andy White 2017 Tour

Saturday 25th November – Queen’s Head, Belper
Sunday 26th November – Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham
Monday 27th November – The Greys, Brighton
Wednesday 29th November – Half Moon, London
Friday 1st December – The Fountain, Hastings
Saturday 2nd December – The Nag’s Head, Tredegar
Sunday 3rd December – Chapel Arts Centre, Bath
Friday 8th December – The American Bar, Belfast
Sunday 10th December – Upstairs @ Whelans, Dublin