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ANGEL CREW – ‘XVI’ Album Review


angelcrew_xviAs the first track fades away with cries of “Justice is done” I feel as though my head as been pounded repeatedly with a 2×4. Bombardier is an all-out attack on the senses with extremely aggressive vocal delivery over a pounding riff…as the press materials suggest, “…the beast is back…”

Angel Crew are somewhat of a punk/hardcore ‘super group’ featuring members of Backfire, Deviate, Length of Time and Pro-Pain. This is the bands third album and it’s brutal punk. Stabbing Bastards takes on a Discharge meets Napalm Death vibe and delivers right between the eyes whilst Skull & Bones adds a Metallica feel with pounding guitars, dual vocal treatment and a driving rhythm.

Nothing is Wrong is ninety seconds of pure punk on steroids and then The Fear Of Fear Itself shows another side of the band with over four minutes of a chugging riff underscoring the ‘in your face’ vocals. Angel Crew occupy that space between Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror and Metallica with relentless walls of guitars and intricate rhythm changes and growled to screamed vocals.

Make no mistake, this is hardcore and the twelve tracks do not let you settle or rest. A couple of tracks begin with audio clips from movies such as Broken Promises, a Rage Against The Machine effort and then the cover of The Exploited’s Beat The Bastards, a song that takes the original and adds speed and power to create something new and improved.

The album closes with Crushing Innocence, one of the best tracks on the album as the pounding bass drum underpins a monumentally powerful hardcore metal crossover epic that sums up the album. Wow!

‘XVI’ by Angel Crew is set for release on the 19th of November and will be presented at Eindhoven’s (Holland) SOUND OF REVOLUTION festival, featuring Discipline, Madball, Judge and many others! The LP version will follow later.

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Track Listing

  1. Bombardier
  2. Stabbing Bastards
  3. Skulls & Bones
  4. Nothing is Wrong
  5. Road to Redemption
  6. The Fear of Fear Itself
  7. Crucify Me
  8. Broken Promises
  9. King of Dogs
  10. Dead Beat
  11. Beat the Bastards (The Exploited Cover)
  12. Crushing Innocence




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