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ANTI-FLAG – ‘American Fall’ Album Review

ANTI-FLAG – American Fall

Anti-FlagFrom the hard-hitting chords of the opening American Attraction, Anti-Flag sound as angry as ever. Let’s face it, America is a shit show right now and we need more punk rock bands to take on the right wing establishment. Anti-Flag do not lack power, hooks, licks or melody and their sound is accessible, radio ready and will reach the masses.

The Criminals enters with a super guitar lick, the bass rumbles and the drums drive the song forwards as the signature dual vocals attack the Trump regime and celebrate the resistance. On When The Wall Falls, the fast ska beat had us bouncing around the floor whilst lending a serious ear to lyrics such as “…if they come for you in the night, they will come for me in morning…”  – it’s terrific song replete with Hammond organ, bass solos and a singalong melodic chorus.

The band channel early Stiff Little Fingers with Trouble Follows Me with a monstrous bass guitar riff and group vocal chorus and it is followed by more prominent bass work on Finish What We Started. The song has a pop-punk vibe but that brilliant bass had the entire office lifting their heads up to ask “who is that?”

Liar pelts along at 150mph and is bound to induce chaos in the mosh pit as the lyrics attack the Liar-in-Chief who masquerades as the President of the USA. The longest track of the eleven on this album is the 3 ½ minute, Digital Blackout where Anti-Flag let the vocals take the lead as they create a good deal of space for the guitar and drums. For me, there is a Rage Against The Machine Vibe to the song and it has the same anger.

I Came. I Saw. I Believed. Channels The Clash with a soaring chorus and Strummer-like vocals on the verses. The anger and direct attack continues with the truly excellent Racists. The interplay of vocals, terrace chant style chorus and Oi! style guitar licks support the absolutely on target lyrics. Taking on the latent racist, Anti-Flag leave no room for escape for the bigots in society!

The penultimate track, Throw It Away, has a menacing tone driven by a dirty great bass guitar, skate-punk choruses and some churning chords supporting aggressive vocals. The closing track is the aptly named, Closure, where a spiraling guitar lick leads into some heavy chords and group vocals as the band refuse to let those embarrassing America shut down those who want a better world and a better country.

Anti-Flag are as relevant (more relevant?) as they ever have been. They are a welcome voice to the protest and resist movement that is fighting the elite right wing at every point. Great album available everywhere today!