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ANTI-FLAG – ‘Live Volume 1’ Album Review

ANTI-FLAG – Live Volume 1

anti-flagThe USA has produced a number of groundbreaking punk bands whose legacy is well intact. From the Dead Kennedy’s to Black Flag to MDC to the Bad Brains. Pittsburgh’s Anti-Flag, in my opinion, are right up there with the best of them and this Live album, due for release on January 20th, 2017 is a brilliant showcase of a band at the very top of their craft.

From the opening plea of “take good care of one another, respect one another and have a fucking good time” Anti-Flag literally compel the audience and listener to engage. The Press Corpse is a superb track and even more urgent live – you feel like you’re there in the pit. As the crowd in Los Angeles sing along (the album was recorded over 3 special evenings at The Troubadour) the band encourages the crowd to just “go off” and then supply the ammunition with You’d Do The Same as they demonstrate almost thirty years of punk rock creativity.

The truly excellent Fabled World from the recent ‘American Spring’ album, just rocks with pure anger at the world. Born To Die continues with the anti-war themes that the band wear on their sleeves along with their support of PETA and Greenpeace. You Are Fired speeds along whilst the classic Fuck The Flag adds to that manic early US punk sound interspersed with some humor and banter from the boys.

Broken Bones is an anthem that bounces along at a pace that encourages the “entire building as a circle pit” request. The live musicianship is terrific with some nailed guitar solos, superb vocals and a tight as fuck rhythm section keeping it all together. Their System Doesn’t Work For You showcases some bass guitar runs and an Oi! Like chorus that has you punching the air.

If it’s not clear by now, I really do like Anti-Flag and the classic Drink Drank Punk seals the deal with it’s manic rock n roll Ramones like attitude. As the album enters the last three songs, Tearing Everyone Down sets up for a mammoth close – with a melodic chorus and guitar solos to have you plucking the air!



The penultimate song sees the homeless gospel choir join the band as the band asks everyone to shake hands and make new friends and then it’s the Brandenburg Gate – one of the most complete punk songs of recent years – it’s the Clash meets Green Day and it’s excellent!

Anti-Flag close the gig and the album with Die For the Government, a song that takes on more relevance in the current populist, nationalist atmosphere.  It’s an anthem that the crowd knows and we ain’t gonna die for the elite fascists.

Live Volume 1 is a must have live album and is available direct from Little Rocket Records.


1. The Press Corpse
2. You’d Do The Same
3. Fabled World
4. Born To Die
5. You Are Fired
6. Fuck The Flag
7. Broken Bones
8. Death Of A Nation
9. Their System Doesn’t Work For You
10. Drink Drank Punk
11. Tearing Everyone Down
12. Brandenburg Gate
13. Die For The Government




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