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ANTI-PASTI – ‘Rise Up’ Review


anti-pastiIt’s taken a few weeks for the record company to send us a copy of Rise Up! We have been reading the reviews of the album and, although they are mostly positive, some have been disappointed. For me, Anti-Pasti are one of seminal bands of the second wave of punk out of the UK. In 1980, I saw them live at the Boat Club in Nottingham where they delivered a blistering set interrupted by a couple of the band members jumping into the audience to deliver some swift justice to a couple of skinheads picking on some punks in the pit. A few months later in Leicester, they delivered a set on the Apocalypse Now tour that saw lead singer Martin Roper lead the band to the best performance of the night (yes, they blew away The Exploited and Discharge that night).

It’s been a few years/decades since Anti-Pasti released any material and the recent comeback gigs have built anticipation to extreme levels. Just as the album launched, the band announced that they had parted ways with new vocalist Gez Addictive and had brought Martin Roper back in for some upcoming gigs (not the best way to promote a new album and I’m sure there’s a good story or two in all of this!)

So, as the feedback opens the title track of the new album, I can barely contain my excitement…the Derby boys are back! Rise Up launches into a bass riff, fast drums, power chords and some vocals despairing at the state of the world and urges the listener to “rise up” – It is a terrific punk track with a great solo guitar break that simply overwhelms you with urgency and it’s actually a great evolution from the likes of No Government – and that is the theme here – Anti-Pasti are 2016 and they are better for the break. Gagging Law continues the pace, protest lyrics (the album has a distinct political feel) and U.K. Subs style delivery. By the third song Viva Che it is clear that the band have released a convincing comeback album as Kev Nixon’s drumming propels the band along. I have a sense that these songs are going to play very well live as the energy is contagious…if Martin can channel his younger self, he’ll be all over the stage delivering these efforts!

Freedom First slows things down a little (just a little) but its rabble-rousing chorus had me punching the air. There is a melodic delivery leading into another excellent guitar solo (there are many on the album) and the lyrics are perfectly delivered. The Anti-Pasti “2016 model” has grown (as you would expect) to experiment with different styles of music – Gatecrasher has a speeded up rockabilly approach that, at times, channels Slade.

I See Red marks the half-way point of the 12 song album and Olga himself would be proud of the Toy Dolls like guitar approach and song structure – it’s a different sounding and lyric structure to the previous songs and it is a great song. It sets up the manic paced Lies Lies Lies perfectly – the song builds into a punk rock classic – demands to be turned up loud and played on repeat…wow!

Just when you think you’re settled into a formula, Anti-Pasti hit you with Time to Hate where tribal drums, gunshots and snippets of shouts lead into a D-Beat driven rocking and rolling romp of a song. War (Act I Scene III) is a more straightforward punk track although the band do have a unique approach and have apparently spent some of the past few years practicing their playing skills! As the album enters the final stretch, Trouble With Me sets up a great finale – this is one of the standout efforts on an album full of great tracks. It has an Oi! Feel from the likes of The Business. The penultimate track, Hurricane, enters with an extended instrumental intro and, again, leaves a rockabilly impression that is an undercurrent on a few songs. The final song Remote Access Denied will be a great closer of live performances as it motors along at a rapid speed and will be a mosh pit pleaser.

I have now listened to the album a few times and it actually grows on you quite quickly. There is Anti-Pasti UK82 DNA detectable throughout the 12 songs but there is a new freshness and a sense of more accomplished musicians. All combines to produce a must have album in your collection. Go see them and support them and buy the album here :


Track Listing

  1. Rise Up
  2. Gagging Law
  3. Viva Che
  4. Freedom First
  5. Gatecrasher
  6. I See Red
  7. Lies Lies Lies
  8. Time to Hate
  9. War (Act I Scene III)
  10. Trouble With Me
  11. Hurricane
  12. Remote Access Denied



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