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ANTI TODO – ‘In Punk We Trust’ Review

Anti-TodoJust received a package of material from Colombia’s Anti Todo (translates as Anti Everything if my high school Spanish is correct) and we immediate sat up and took notice as we fired up the 2015 four track E.P In Punk We Trust.

The band have released five albums/E.P.s since 2003 and they are well worth checking out. In Punk We Trust opens with the truly excellent Tu mundo Hay Que Salvarlo (Your World Must Be Saved) – It’s two and a half minutes of true punk in the spirit of UK82 – Sounding like a cross between Welsh punk legends Yr Anhrefn and the likes of Demob and Anti Pasti, I loved it. There’s a DIY ethic and a guitar solo that almost collapses before the fast paced rhythm kicks back in.

Mundo Falso (Fake World) opens with a chugging riff before launching into a speed-fest chorus and then returning to riff. Again, I was taken back to the golden era of UK punk. Vida Cotidiana (Daily Life) really amps up the pace and power and plays with the slower-faster-slower shifts for over three minutes. At this point I’m hooked. Many punk bands are seeing huge crowds at their gigs in Colombia and this album suggests that the genre is alive and kicking in Medellin.

Nadie Salva Esto (Nobody Cures This??) brings the guitar further forward in the mix and benefits from a more in-your-face sound. The song is very fast and features a trademark solo that just about hangs in there before launching back into the core riff.

Last up is the fifty-one seconds of Colombia – a Pennywise sounding assault on the ear buds. Anti Todo really impressed us with this EP and we are digging into the back catalog including some re-mastered versions of early releases. You can check them out here :

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Tu Mundo Hay Que Salvarlo
  2. Mundo Falso
  3. Vida Cotidiana
  4. Nadie Salva Esto



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