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ANTICITIZEN – ‘Stand Up And Fight’ EP Review

ANTICITIZEN – Stand Up And Fight

AnticitizenNJ anarcho-punk band Anticitizen have just released a 7″ EP called Stand Up and Fight on Wiseass Records and we love it! Many people reading this review will have no idea what it was like to take a bus to your local city, enter the record store, buy a single or album based on the artwork or music paper review and return home, full of anticipation, before placing the record on the turntable. Anticitizen brought back all of those feelings for us old-timers here at punkonline.co.uk.

The feeling that you’re about to discover the next big thing in punk, especially anarcho-punk, is hard to describe. The opening track, Class War, is such an energetic punk rock song reminding us of Disorder, The Blitz and some of the early Bullshit Detector punk rock, it simply blows away all of the cobwebs with a booming bass line, pounding drums, searingly hot riffs and a sore throat vocal, this one just hits the spot!

Bricks Not Ballots continues the aural assault with a hardcore approach that brings back memories of Chaos UK and I Hate opens with a churning riff before launching into an all-out attack with power, pace and anarchic precision (we realize that is an oxymoron!) with a DIY feel full of anger.

The EP concludes with the in your face, You’re A Cunt and a slow bass lick lures you into a false sense of security before the song explodes into a mid-paced Exploited style punker with a fast chorus that is a pummeling set of fists to the gut. This is what got us into the genre in the first place and the energy, rawness and political approach are what keep us energized….simply superb punk rock that you must get!


Stand Up And Fight by Anticitizen is available here:


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