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ANTISECT – ‘The Rising Of The Lights’ Album Review

ANTISECT – The Rising Of The Lights

AntisectThe long awaited release of the first Antisect LP since 1984 hit the world on last month on Rise Above Records. For me, the In Darkness … album from Antisect was one of those releases that were a seminal turning pint in the history of anarcho punk and it has been a long wait for the follow up.

The new album contains over fifty minutes of heavy, heavy music with nine songs in total. The solo bass opening to Spirit-Level is soon joined by the sound of helicopter blades, distant sirens and a churning guitar riff. The drums join in to pound the extended introduction into your skull and those sirens continue suggesting a serious riot! The drums pick up the pace and Antisect are back as vocals scorch their way into your eardrums and the riffs soar – this is great stuff and sounds as fresh as anything I’ve heard in years. The track pounds away for almost six and a half minutes and it contains sections of respite that just highlight the power behind the band. “We will not be silenced, broken or bowed” ….indeed!

The next track is the seven and a half minute, The Last Ones Standing and it is a cracker of a song. The signature Killing Joke style guitar/bass/drum interaction and growled vocals stir up a Molotov cocktail of punk/metal/tribal music. The band sound as angry at the system as they were 23 years ago and, lets face it, we need anger right now as fascists feel emboldened around the world. Weapons Of Mass Distraction (great title that) features a spoken word introduction over a single keyboard chord and the words are full of anger at the system and the control of the fat cats. The track takes on the form of a poem and only two thirds of the way through do the band introduce a pounding drumbeat, white noise and some guitar riffs that will have you banging you head – the message is direct, makes you think and challenges you to engage.

On Acolyte, the music continues from the prior track and the rhythmic approach of every instrument is simply awe inspiring. The vocals fit perfectly adding a sense of menace, darkness and intent. The following track Welcome To The New Dark Ages where those helicopter blades return over a plaintive guitar. Acoustic guitar chords, police sirens give way to one of the chunkiest riffs I’ve heard in a while combing the best of Amebix with the aforementioned Killing Joke.  The title track (of sorts!) Rise The Lights links in with the prior track with a pulsating bass sound as the distant vocals add to the eerie atmosphere. The song maintains a discipline throughout and does not veer from the pulse driven bass and plaintive vocals. Without a second to pause, Black, simply assaults the listener with a massive bass and guitar riff. The song celebrates the anarchists and dissidents – it is anthemic, it is simply brilliant!

As the growled spoken words of Black end, Antisect launch straight into the manically fast and powerful Something To Hate. The song has angst, pace and is a punk rock classic blending all the best of the band with a refreshing up to date sound. The album closes with another track that hovers around the seven minute mark. Scared To Die has a mellower guitar and melodic vocal lamenting the hope of youth and slowly building to an angry ‘sludgecore’ type section before settling back to the restrained guitar lick and cymbal approach. The heavier sections are almost like listening to an exorcism and, for me Antisect are a call to action, a call to arms and a calling…

AntisectThe Rising Of The Lights – superb – get it here http://www.antisectofficial.com/