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ANXIETY GRIPS – ‘Counteract’ Review

ANXIETY GRIPS – Counteract

Anxiety GripsHailing from Melbourne, Australia, Anxiety Grips have just released (February 1st) their debut EP, Counteract. There are seven tracks in all including the foreboding instrumental garage/horror punk vibe of Intro before the dirty bass and drum roll beginning of Never Replace set up a pulsating punk rocker dominated by a superb drum performance and soaring, melodic lead vocal creating a post-hardcore powerhouse of a song!

The title track, Counteract flatters to deceive with a gentle guitar and then a huge wall of sound kicks in to set up a slow paced yet massively powerful track full of emotion, pleading supported by a rumbling bass, big riffs and a steady pounding beat. The band maintain the melodic, powerful and raw energy with Stand As Oneas they try on tempo changes to create one huge package of accessible post hardcore nirvana.

Runaway features spiralling guitar licks layered on top of each other before a slightly back in the mix vocal adds to the emotion and pleading but the star of this track is the superb production that manages to create a rawness and polish at the same time…these folks are bottled dynamite!

The second to last song, I Can’t Stand manages to blend all of the elements of the prior post-hardcore sounds with a prominent synthesizer (or is it a guitar) lick and add a good deal of anger at the same time….phew! The EP closes with the instrumental Outro where the band ensure that the listener is begging for more!

This one is a post hardcore, raw energy classic and you can get more info on Anxiety Grips and where to get hold of a copy here: https://www.facebook.com/anxietygrips/