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ARADIA – ‘Demo’ EP Review

arcadia-demoHailing from Portland, Oregon and describing themselves as “ambient, instrumental, post-crust” Aradia have just released their demo E.P.

Opening with the seven and half minute ‘Exile’ a track that builds from a Cello led instrumental opening to a crescendo reminiscent of Amebix and Anit-Sect before slowing down to a chorus of male and female vocals. I have to admit to having a passion for this type of music and this does not disappoint.

Next up is ‘Frantic’ which starts with some Viola and Cello (again) sounding mournful before the guitar kicks in with a background slow tempo drumbeat. This time I am reminded of Oakland’s instrumental band, Brookhaven or maybe Mogwai. Half way through, the song surprises and breaks into a faster punk driven riff. It’s over 5 minutes of vocal free complexity and it’s a great listen…more mellow and coherent than “frantic!”

The 3rd of the four tracks clocks in at a hefty six minutes and 38 seconds – ‘Skin Changer’ – the bands two guitars, cello, viola and drums all play a part in creating an atmosphere that is foreboding and tense. There is a definite “goth” feel to the song.

The final track, ‘Rotten’, begins with what sounds like a sample from a radio/TV speech and, again, morphs into a melancholy cello driven lament. For the last minute, the song builds to a unholy jam before an abrupt ending…it’s cool!

This is a highly accomplished four song demo and well worth a download at


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Track Listing

  1. Exile
  2. Frantic
  3. Skin Changer
  4. Rotten