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ARCTIC FLOWERS – ‘Straight To The Hunter’ Album Review

ARCTIC FLOWERS – Straight To The Hunter

Arctic Flowers are self-releasing Straight To The Hunter in the US on Nov 30th and Sabotage Records is releasing it in Europe. For nearly a decade the Portland, OR, USA band has been putting a stark chill on the post-punk genre with their melodic eeriness.

The album opens with the fast-strummed guitar chords of Hallow Water before kicking into a powerful and melodic track featuring strong female vocals that propel the song along helped by some superb bass guitar work!

With Glass On Ice, the Arctic Flowers bring that bass guitar up front in the mix, add some pounding drumbeats and build the guitars to create a sound somewhere between Killing Joke, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Joy Division all with a 2018 freshness and Rose In Bend adds a little Southern Death Cult guitar lick to seal the post-punk deal in a compelling way as the serrated riffs support a soaring vocal performance full of purpose and power!

Whip Hand doubles down on the head-banging beat but adds a tad more pace and some great guitar work for a lengthy four-minute extravaganza of post-punk heaven with Dreamer producing a punkier, angrier vocal over a driving riff and beat. We pass the half-way point on this eleven-track album with the pulsating In Silence whilst One Step brings back a prominent bass guitar, straightforward snare driven beat and swirling guitars to lay a foundation for the superbly pleading vocal.

On Cabinet Of Masks Arctic Flowers offer up a shorter, sharper rocking and reeling punk track that will have heads banging and pits moshing whereas The Fool is another longer track (there are quite a few on the album) with a swirling guitar and big bass like a fast Sister of Mercy and it’s a bloody good song indeed!

Next up is Waking Things with a slightly stuttering drum that kicks into a raucous punker and sets up the closing song, Husk, a five-minute, twenty-two second slow burner with high up the fret bass guitar lick, echo-effect guitars and plaintive female vocal full of longing. The track builds and builds to complete a very good album indeed that will appeal to all flavours of the post-punk fan.


Straight To The Hunter by Arctic Flowers is available to pre-order here: