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ART THIEVES – ‘Russian Rats’ Album Review

ART THIEVES – Russian Rats

Art ThievesArt Thieves are from Quincy, Massachusetts. Anthemic Boston punk rock has never sounded so good! The city of Boston has a long and regal history of producing bands who create powerful, street-punk and anthemic rock. As the band state, “Fans of early records from Bouncing Souls, and Rancid might have just found their new favorite band.

The twelve-track album opens with a brief Intro that blends the early Pistols with the Clash and, yes, the Dropkick Murphys, as the hooks punch fast and hard and melodies cascade relentlessly until you submit – and, yes, you can love your country and hate those in power!!! Proxies catapults out of the gates propelled by a massive bass lick and pounding drums – the riffs are hard and harsh and the vocals urgent and insistent – holy shit, this is good stuff!!!

The Sex Pistols hints return on the rocking and rolling, The Untouchables where the group, terrace chant vocals blend in a bit of Sham 69 with the Eddie Cochran riffs…lovely…and I’m Being Watched opens with a plaintive vocal and then kicks into gear with a mid-paced beat, heavy melodic vocal and a fists in the air resistance vibe is prominent!

Things I Want attacks all that is wrong in America from misogynists to leaders in a sub-one minute rant whilst Hate Me Harder features melodies that blend The Clash with Chumbawamba! The 1950s rock ‘n roll that forms the foundation for Old Brigade where the Art Thieves opt for melody and restraint and create a plaintive song and the manically fast DIY USA feels all the more powerful when set against its predecessor!

The band show another side to their sound blending some horror-punk/rock and roll riffs with Oi style punk on Oakland Avenue Punx and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser as is So, We’re Being Lied To… a song that blends a rhythmic and catchy underpinning with a Stiff Little Fingers like atmosphere! The second to last song, The Cops, takes on Motown with a super bass line and beat that support some excellent vocals delivering excellent lyrics.

This truly superb effort draws to an end with This Is Low Art and on this one, the Art Thieves delve into spaghetti western guitars, waltz like pacing and spiraling vocal delivery lading to a satisfying conclusion of feedback….yes!!!


This is simply excellent punk rock folks. Get Russian Rats by Art Thieves here:

Bandcamp:  https://artthieves.bandcamp.com