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ASPERGER – ‘Pestenkerani’ EP Review

ASPERGER – Pestenkerani

aspergerAsperger self describe as “a few teens who play punk rock music in Istanbul, Turkey.” They have just released (July, 2017) their six track EP, Pestenkerani on the Byzantion Records label.

The EP opens with Torbacıdan Gelen Bayram SMS’leri a melodic and catchy punk rocker which reminded me of Welsh band Yr Anhrefn with its Clash like approach full of vitality. They follow up with VTR with some Toy Dolls like group vocals on top of some delicious chunky chords – Istanbul is producing some great bands with a variety of takes on the punk genre and Asperger are one of the most intriguing.

Sorunlar is the longest track of the six at almost three and a half minutes and it launches into a raucous tune that had me pogoing around the “office” reminding me of Rabid’s Jubilee City.

The excellently titled Kaostanbul slows things down just a tad but loses none of the power as Asperger showcase some serious credentials with some super drumming – this band rocks! The penultimate track Sonuçta Her Şey Biter opens with some great guitar, bass, drum interplay and the vocals add the cherry on the cake to a UK82 style punk rocker replete with hooks and melody galore.

Closing with Tenefüs, the package is neatly wrapped as the heavy bass intro sets up another chunky chord composition that will have your head banging and feet stomping. I truly enjoyed this EP from start to finish with its fresh, uncomplicated, in-you-face punk rock.

Check out Pestenkerani by Asperger here: http://aspergermusic.bandcamp.com/album/pestenkerani