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ASPERGER – ‘Z Kusagi Sokaga Ciksin’ Album Review

ASPERGER – Z Kusagi Sokaga Ciksin

AspergerAsperger are a group of teenagers who play melodic punk rock music from Istanbul, Turkey. They released their debut album Z Kuşağı Sokağa Çıksınon October 31st.

The twelve-track album opens with Keske Para Kazansam, a sub-two-minute power-pop-punk romp in the spirit of The Toy Dolls and The Ramones packed with melody and hooks and fast paced music.

On Polis Amca the band up the pace significantly channelling the Offspring whereas Kusmam Gerek opens with an acoustic guitar leading to a raucous romp of a song full of pace and power and packed with harmony throughout!

Elestiri has a more hardcore edge with significant pace and churning riffs with some excellent breaks for mid-paced powerful sections – we loved it! The seventy-seven seconds of Televizyon have a UK Subs feel and Dortyol takes on The Ramones and Weezer with some riff heavy melodic punk rock.

The album is well played and produced with Gecmisim Hala Pesimde a longer track with a powerful riff and fast drums leading to a super melodic, dripping with hooks power-punk track followed by Ilber Ortayli Olmak Istiyorum with its SLF like guitar opening and Clash style pop-punk anthem approach that speeds up to a 250mph finish.

Gunler is eighty-three secondsof rollicking, romping, cascading punk rock music that will have the circle pit in full motion and Yaz Okulu is slightly longer at ninety-seven seconds but different as it emulates Green Day in tight, melodious punk rock delivery. The penultimate song, Lokalite explodes after a brief introduction into a full-on punk rock assault again reminding me of the Ramones but with an edgier, punkier sound…this is good stuff!

The album ends with Kendimdeydim and Asperger drive us home with hook heavy, serrated guitars, melodic vocals and full on fast paced punk rock with a little Spizz Energi and little Pennywise in the mix.


Turkey is producing some great punk rock and you can get a taste of Asperger here: