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ASTMATISK GAPSKRATT – ‘Heller Fargerik Enn Kald’ Review

ASTMATISK GAPSKRATT – Heller Fargerik Enn Kald

Astmatisk GapskrattAstmatisk Gapskratt are from the rural Norway (Steinkjer city) and released their debut album, Heller Fargerik Enn Kald, on June 8th.

The small but active group of local punks have formed the “Steinkjer Pønkforening“ (Steinkjer punk rock association), a not-for-profit concert organizer that has put on gigs over the last thirteen years, from the old generation of Exploited, Toy Dolls, Glenn Matlock, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Anti-Nowhere League through to more current bands like The Restarts and The Barstool Preachers.

This is the backdrop for Astmatisk Gapskratt, a four-piece, closely connected to the aforementioned association and completely DIY. Heller Fargerik Enn Kald was financed by a successful crowdfunding campaign and the thirteen-track album opens with Beromte Siste Ord, a blistering punk rock track with serrated riffs, melodic vocals that develops into a runaway punk rocker with UK82 overtones and a polite nod to SoCal punkers The Circle Jerks! The Oi! like group vocal opening to Schtoggen sets up a raucous punk rock track with the vocals of the band prominent throughout whereas Ting is a massively fast track full of anger and energy with pounding drums driving the hardcore effort.

Tits Machine is the longest song on the album, at just over three minutes in length but the band do not let up the pace with the group backing vocals again prominent and adding melody to the muscle-bound riffs. On To, the interchanging vocals from guttural scream to melodic backing helps to propel the track forward with soaring guitar licks, chunky power in the spirit of Offspring!

The guitars feature prominently on Rettepenn with screaming solos and some excellent hooks develop throughout the song whilst Ung og Radikal develops into a skate-punk effort with massive drums and a soaring chorus. Ein is a spiraling punk rock song that romps along with huge riffs and a sing-along chorus with Bli Du Ailler Sliten Av A Spring Fra Probleman Din producing some muscular riffs and an overall sound that reminded me of Pennywise meeting Chaos UK with melody, anarchic power and backing vocals all combining to create something special!

Klaebb has a soaring chorus full of hooks and melody with that UK82 punk sound updated for 2018 and 1 Rom, 1PC, 1 Seng shows a different side to Atmatisk Gapskratt as they change the lead vocal for a more melodic approach and lay down a song that is slightly slower and ballad like. It sets up the aggressive hardcore punk track Reis Dae Opp with snarled vocal choruses and group vocal choruses – this one rocks hard with big guitar lick solos!

The album concludes with Ekkokammer Katzenjammer and the band lay it all on the line with a 200mph romp with pounding drums and an Oi! style chorus that juxtaposes with the aggressive hardcore verses. This is a superb punk rock album full of energy, aggression, hooks and is well played and produced throughout.


You can get Heller Fargerik Enn Kald by Atmatisk Gapskratt here>>>




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