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ASTPAI – ‘True Capacity’ Album Review

ASTPAI – True Capacity

AstpaiAustrian melodic-punk rock quartet, ASTPAI are set to release their fifth studio album, True Capacity on June 22nd. Having played their debut concert in August 2001 followed by the release of two full-length demos in 2002 and 2003, ASTPAI first started to attract international attention with their albums Feeling Safe in Programmed Channels in 2005 and Corruption Concealed (Under Deceptive Slogans)“ in 2006, the later being released and re-released several times in Europe and North America.

ASTPAI released their fifth and strongest full-length titled Burden Calls in August 2014. The new ten-track album opens with Rotten Bait where a gentle guitar melody is joined by serrated riffs that grow to launch a monster track that explodes a quarter of the way through to showcase some hardcore technical punk rock with power chords and vocals that veer from anguished screams to melodic sections.

On Lottery the band take on a mid-paced approach with soaring guitar riffs, plaintive melodic vocals and a package that has a Green Day vibe whereas Best Years rolls along with an NoFX skate-punk atmosphere. Falling Trees is a four-minute plus track with intricate melodies and math-punk tendencies and No Hero is a super mid-paced ballad with no shortage of power.

The mellow strummed intro to Feel Your Pain with distant vocals is juxtaposed with a monster wall of noise from guitars, pounding drums and slow segments with plaintive and melodic vocals. The title track, True Capacity has a distinctly hardcore approach with angry vocals and complex guitar/drum interaction and Saving Up is another lengthy (almost five minutes) song with tempo changes, strong vocals and a technical punk approach that runs through the entire album.

The penultimate song, Wear And Tear is a churning, powerful anthem with group vocals, strong guitar licks and huge riffs and the closer, Body Parts is fifteen seconds of strummed guitar. ASTPAI are fresh, technical, punk, post-hardcore merchants with hooks and melodies a-plenty.

True Capacity will be available on all formats through Jump Start Records and Shield Recordingshttps://shieldrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/astpai-true-capacity