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AUDIBLE JOES – ‘Irrational Anthems’ Album Review

AUDIBLE JOES – Irrational Anthems

audible-joesAudible Joes, a punk band from Cork, Ireland, do not sound like your typical Irish punk band. Swapping out bagpipes for gritty guitars and heavily melodic hooks, their upcoming sophomore full-length Irrational Anthems, is an album full of blistering and abrasive tracks that will be released on July 14th.

The title track Irrational Anthems is truly a punk rock anthem with some great hooks, gritty melodic vocals, full on guitar solo and a mosh-pit pleasing approach full of backing vocals and ‘punch the air’ breaks…simply put, I loved it for it’s vitality and straight up punk rock approach! For All I Know is introduced with a solid guitar lick and builds to a pacey, melodic punk rock pleaser with a great vocal!

The Audible Joes have been honing their craft since 2010 and it shows throughout this terrific album. Born Again reminded me of some of the emo-tinged US punk bands and I Wanna Be Affected is a raucous ride into hook laden power-pop-punk rock…accessible in a Ramones type of way but full of surprises and strength.

Speaker Submission is the 5th of 11 tracks on the album and is a bit heavier and faster whilst Consumerism is propelled by a pounding bass and throat searing vocals – I loved this one! With Nyktophobia (a German Death Metal band??) the Audible Joes channel Anti Pasti, Demob and The Blitz to produce a cracking punk rock anthem!

The power and pace continue with Guillotine as the album progressively gets heavier and more hardcore without forsaking the hooks. Snakes is a wall of punk rock bricks that hit you over the head one by one until you submit to the onslaught. Closing with Until I Die, the Audible Joes surprise with an acoustic guitar and mournful vocal that is joined by backing vocals and acoustic rhythm – it’s a strong, different end to a brilliant album…check out the band here: https://www.facebook.com/AudibleJoes/