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AUTHORITY ZERO – ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ Album Review

AUTHORITY ZERO – Broadcasting To The Nations

authority-zeroSince ’94 Authority Zero has brought their unique signature blend of anthemic melodic-punk and reggae to the masses. A lot has changed in the 20 plus years since the band formed in the mid 90’s in Mesa, AZ but, on June 2nd, the band will release their brand new album, Broadcasting To The Nations.

Authority Zero have toured extensively with such acts as Pennywise, Sum 41, Flogging Molly and many more and will be going out on the road to support this release. The album opens with First One In The Pit and, as the crowd chants “Let’s Go Zero” the band launch a blisteringly fast and heavy punk rock track that just demands your attention and that you polish off those mosh pit skills!

Reconciliation adds a more melodic vocal reminiscent of Pennywise and the backing is an energetic punk rock party with some super breaks and solos. Third up is Destiny And Demise and the drums fuel the fire backing the vocals admirably whilst the bass and lead guitar just shred…the track reminded me of Bad Religion at their best. The title track Broadcasting To The Nations delves into some super-charged-ska verses and full on punk rock choruses and it’s a great song.

Summer Sickness takes the song out of the sub-three minute package and clocks in at just over four minutes. The extra length allows the band to showcase a reggae approach replete with whistling and protest song vibe. It’s at this point in the 13 song journey that I am completely sold on Authority Zero – they are the real deal with variety and hooks throughout. They continue to change things up with the more pop/punk Bayside and then blend in some organ on Revolution Riot where the track mashes up some ska, reggae, and power chord punk into one delicious dish!

Authority Zero then surprise once again on Sevens with accessible melodies, tempo changes and soaring choruses. La Diabla hints at some south of the border sounds and then builds into a ballad/love song with a ska-like approach. The track demonstrates the potential for Authority Zero to play on a much larger stage in a radio friendly way. Creepers changes the direction again with a straight up rock and roller and leads into When We Ruled The World where the band meld the grunge sound of the 1990s with skate-punk/SoCal and channel Social Distortion at their most accessible…good stuff indeed!

The penultimate track, One Way Track Kid, simply rocks after a vocal/guitar intro. The finale is provided by No Guts No Glory where the music befits the song title as Authority Zero belt out a punk rock classic! Strong end to a very strong album!!!

Broadcasting To The Nations by Authority Zero will be released on June 2nd 2017 through Bird Attack Records:




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