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AUTHORITY ZERO – ‘Persona Non Grata’ Album Review

AUTHORITY ZERO – Persona Non Grata

Authority ZeroOn December 7th, long-running Mesa, AZ-based melodic punk/rock/reggae act Authority Zero released Persona Non Grata, their first studio self-release since their debut EP album Patches in Time over seventeen years ago. The release of Persona Non Gratawill be followed by an early spring European Tour in 2019 and a summer headlining tour of the United States.

The twelve-track album enters with a searing guitar lick and pounding drums that develop into a fast-paced ska infused verse, punkier chorus effort as A Blind Eye sets up an absolutely superb release.

On Derailed the band launch into a raucous and melodic punk rocker that features some tight stops and starts but generally barrels forward with intent and power before the title track, Persona Non Grata enters with the accelerator pushed to the floor and the hooks and melodies leap out of the speakers with a call to arms to the misrepresented and the middle eight break just works in the context of the powerful package – good stuff!

The momentum continues with an East Bay Ray/Dead Kennedys riff and pacey ska track, Atom Bomb that nods a significant head to Green Day and The Interrupters whilst Ah Hell reminded more of Australia’s The Living End with the melodic vocals and group backing vocals creating a catchy as all hell power-pop-punk classic.

Authority Zero have a knack for breaking down and building up a song and on Shake The Ground they start with some Spanish Guitar and lead into a reggae infused track that creates a great deal of space towards the end and introduces a whistling solo with some spaghetti western undertones whereas Mush Mouth explodes into view at 250mph and leaves you breathless for 49 seconds of ferocious power!

The Bright Side continues with the pace and power and features a soaring, melodic chorus that is a memorable as it is poignant and then Back From The Dead returns to the ska-core approach and develops into dub-reggae for an extended section before returning to the excellent ska conclusion. The band are comfortable playing fast paced, melodic and pointed punk rock as they deliver with On The Outside with the penultimate track, Damage Control displaying some strong songwriting chops as they launch into a super Stiff Little Fingers circaNobody’s Heroes track.

This super album concludes with Rights This Way and Authority Zero wrap up this with a Clash style rocker that just rocked the entire punkonline.co.uk office floor with pace, power and melody…great stuff, great album and a stocking stuffer for sure!!!


Get Persona Non Grata by Authority Zero  here: https://ffm.to/azpng.ODL