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AWKWARD AGE – ‘The First Few Years’ Review

AWKWARD AGE – The First Few Years

awkward-ageHailing from Tampa, Florida, Awkward Age have just signed up to Little Rocket Records and released a 10 track cassette/digital E.P. entitled ‘The First Few Years‘.

The band have been around since the mid 2000’s and have taken on various guises before the current line-up was established earlier this year and now newly signed to Little Rocket they consist of Vic on vocals, Matt & Jeff on guitar, Katrina on bass and Eric on drums.

‘The First Few Years’ gives a taster of what Awkward Age are about and when you realise the full 10 tracks last around 20 minutes in length you get some idea that this is fast, progressive pop punk rock with the emphasis being on the ‘rock’ element.

As soon as New Teen Fiction opens with pounding drums, the guitars and then vocals fall into place, you know Awkward Age are a tight, fast and melodic punk outfit. The band sound similar to Thick Tread, mixing punk and rock in a seamless manor.

A solo bass starts Sink Your Jaw before the band belt out a fine number with shout along chorus which must go down well in any live set before Lucky Man changes pace midway to build to a great crescendo.

Next up is Jamie’s a Wreck, a pure pop punk number that you just can’t help yourself joining in with. Throughout the ten tracks you soon realise that the band can play together and the tightness of the group comes to the fore. A special mention too on the production of the E.P. which really is first class.


Super Unprepared takes on the subject of every day pessimism faced by many ….“I have a dead end job, I hate the way that I look….” before The First Few Years concludes with one the strongest tracks, I Want More, a bittersweet powerful song offering hope for those of who care to dream.

This is a good effort from Awkward Age and you can get your hands on the album for just a fiver from Little Rocket Records


Track Listing

  1. New Teen Fiction
  2. It Never Stops
  3. Sink Your Jaw
  4. Lucky Man
  5. Jamie’s a Wreck
  6. Perspective
  7. Super Unprepared
  8. In Montreal
  9. You Can’t Deny This
  10. I Want More



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