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BABY GOT BACK TALK – ‘Take This The Wrong Way’ EP

BABY GOT BACK TALK – Take This The Wrong Way

babygotbacktalkBaby Got Back Talk from the great punk rock city of New York released their full DIY EP, Take This The Wrong Way in June. The band started as a bunch of friends at Emerson College recording at odd hours.

Take This The Wrong Way, is driven by the bands DIY ethic, conversant with social issues — especially as they pertain to gender and race, enabled by the Internet, bankrolled by day jobs and firmly committed to injecting some new flavor into the punk rock mold.

Backbone starts us off with a chunky riff, some violin and a very different take on punk with elements of the “Fat” sound and skate-punk vive prominent. There is a freshness of attitude and approach that Baby Got Back Talk bring creating something familiar yet different at the same time…lots of melody and power for sure!

The second track of the four track EP, Fever, has a reggae flavor, melodic vocal and laid back feel in general and blends in some truly weird sounds to craft a very accessible package…sounds of the summer indeed! The superbly named Historically White College drips with sarcasm and a Weezer feel with an engaging riff and great vocal delivery…bit of Vampire Weekend meets Less Than Jake!

Closing with Here’s The Plan, Baby Got Back Talk showcase their knack for a melody and a hook with a terrific NoFX sounding effort.

Baby Got Back Talk are an accessible band with some pop hooks and alternative feel. Check out Take This The Wrong Way here:





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