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babygotbacktalk – ‘Up In Open Arms’ EP Review

babygotbacktalk – Up In Open Arms 

babygotbacktalkbabygotbacktalk from New York has a brand spanking new EP titled Up In Open Arms coming out on April 14. This follows up the last EP, Take This the Wrong Way, which we reviewed last year).

The start of this one is a plaintive vocal and glam rock infused mid-paced called Notes Toward A Dreampolitik and it’s 70 seconds of melodic punk power.

The unique vocals are on full display on the melodic and radio-friendly Hearing The Music. The band have a punch, an ear for a melody and write songs full of walls of sound. The songs have a poppy hook with some quirks such as Thanks For The Angst with some keyboards, stuttering, stop/start guitars in a Los Campesinos style.

The lead vocals have a unique timbre and add to the bands original sound as evident on I Guess This Is Glowing Up where they mix slower verses with powerful choruses. Closing with the raunchy and gritty Guilty Of Being Tight, babygotbacktalk deliver a soaring rocker full of pace, grit and melody.

You can listen, and download, Up In Open Arms EP by babygotbacktalk at this link: https://babygotbacktalk.bandcamp.com/