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BABYTEETH release and share ‘Siamese Twin’

BABYTEETH release ‘Siamese Twin’



BABYTEETH are not your regular female fronted rock band. The alt-rock group have a precise and clear mission statement – to provide contagiously epic rock coupled with thought-provoking and empowering song narratives. With one foot in the door of 90’s grunge and the other kicking down the door of modern pop, the band are not one to sit on the fence.

Since the track ‘Siamese Twin’ sneakily peeped into the world on their Soundcloud, Amazing Radio, Spindle Magazine, Going Solo and among others saw that BABYTEETH’s debut was crowned with well-deserved radio and blog recognition. The almightily powerful, yet tongue-in-cheek track is now set for online release alongside the accompanying video, which channels much of the track’s shock and awe.

Taking inspiration from themes surrounding the pressures of female body image, twisted views on plastic surgery and the mirrored ideologies behind cosmetic treatments, the video evokes feelings of both horror and beauty.

Ahead of dropping their new video and sitting on new music to release, the band is playing UK shows dotted around the country, including supporting The Naked and Famous. Their knack for honing excellent lyricism with scuzzy rock proves that this is BABYTEETH’s moment to stun.