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BAD LUCK GAMBLERS – ‘Casino Maldito’ Album Review

BAD LUCK GAMBLERS – Casino Maldito

bad-luck-gamblersBad Luck Gamblers are a trio who formed in Sao Paulo, Brazil in late 2004. They play a mix of psychobilly, rockabilly, country and punk and create a noise full of energy. The songs focus on fast cars, wicked women, booze and gambling.

Their debut album “Don’t Bet on Us” (2008) was well received by the local media and fans and it was elected the 9th of the top 25 Brazilian underground albums of that year by Rockpress, a Brazilian music magazine.

In 2010 Bad Luck Gamblers started up the engines for its first European tour with gigs in France, Holland, Germany and Belgium, in the Sjock festival. Now after eight years the band are releasing their second album, “Casino Maldito.” With a military drum opening, the band launch full on into the title track Casino Maldito with some changes of pace ranging from land speed record to a leisurely stroll. The band can certainly rock and Like A Bat starts with a fast beat, a Cramps style riff and some East Bay Ray Dead Kennedys surf guitar thrown in for giggles – Bad Luck Gamblers sing in English making the album accessible but, for me, it’s the psychobilly playing that distinguishes them.

The third track 8% has a bit of Olga guitar work and an overall Toy Dolls feels as it bounces along to some tight paced rockabilly. The Bad Luck Gamblers are straight in your face fun and Terror Train flatters to deceive with a mellow opening before it assaults the listener with that 110mph rock and roll.

Rusty T-Bucket is the second longest track of the ten on the album (the title track just a few seconds more) clocking in at just over three minutes. It’s a very solid track that offers something a little bit different from the previous efforts without losing the power and pace as it explores some Johnny Cash territory.

The band then pull it all together for the instrumental, Thylacinus Attack with some very nifty guitar work indeed. Next up is the comedic Somebody Stole my Pet Possum a romp through a punkier version on the rockabilly vibe. Drinking With The Devil nails that slightly off kilter, off tune spooky guitar sound and simply lopes along in a crazy themed western rock and roller!

The Bad Luck Gamblers rip it up with Shoulder Mount where they marry some spoken verses and shouted choruses with the great musicianship evident throughout the album. They close with the gambling themed No Chips No Chicks where they use the stop/start rockabilly formula to blow your socks off. Great fun, great work and a great addition to your collection.

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The Bad Luck Gamblers are:
Joe Marshall – guitar, vocals
Maniac Biffs – double bass
Renan Pigmew – drums



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