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BAM BAM BAM – ‘Buldozer’ Album Review

BAM BAM BAM – Buldozer

Bam Bam BamHailing from Ankara, Turkey and delivering all the lyrics in Turkish, Bam Bam Bam state that 90% of their songs are political in nature. Their eight-track album Buldozer opens with Iktidar and they channel some Rollins Band vibes with a heavy Sabbath like riff and pounding drums and they continue with the guitar lick lead on Manyak delivering a sort of “prog-punk” atmosphere replete with some pacey and heavy sections.

Biat Yok opens with a drubbing drumbeat, heavy riff and leads into a hardcore effort with a slow chorus featuring group chanted vocals and then Cumartesi begins with the voice of a baby before a slow, grinding and heavy riff supports some angst ridden vocals and the track evolves into complex math-punk (almost jazz) sections.

On Sorf, Bam Bam Bam up the pace and add a beguiling guitar lick that progresses over a strong bass and drum beat to deliver a rocking instrumental before Uzetma continues to explore complex math-punk/art-punk territory featuring an angry and urgent vocal before the penultimate track, Sirenler reminds me of a 1960s garage-punk song with a modish riff and steady, danceable beat.

The album concludes with 2015 Yazi and that garage-punk/math-punk crossover is explored with segments of restrained melody mixing with more pressing sections of straight up punk rock.

The album is clever, engaging and packed with a variety of approaches.


Get Buldozer by Bam Bam Bam here: https://open.spotify.com/album/062gsyrYIMk4ERfCPoc44n