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BAM BAM BAM – ‘Lo Fay’ EP Review


Bam Bam BamBam Bam Bam is another punk rock band from Turkey, in this case, the city of Ankara. They released their first EP in 2016 and have followed up with Lo Fay.

This four tracker opens up with BSG where some dirty guitar riffs join a booming drum and lead to a slow-paced garage punk song with Black Sabbath like undercurrents mixed in with a danceable beat – it’s unique and it’s bloody good!

The next track is Buyucu that roughly translates to “magician or wizard” and the beat remains heavy as the guitars lay down lick after lick. The bass is prominent and the vocals eclectic delivered through a megaphone effect at times and screamed with true pain at others. The track takes off in a new direction about two thirds of the way through with a fast paced guitar driven hoe-down!

On Amy the band take on a rhythmic approach adding English language lyrics and producing a punk rock song with some deep grooves. The music is different, powerful yet funky and the garage-punk vibe is the consistent theme hanging things together. Bam Bam Bam take each track into different directions adding fast paced straight up punk sections to the funkier ones – it works in a punk/prog rock type of way with a Nirvava personality!

Closing this EP is Nothing, a pummeling beat, spiraling guitar and headbanging riff combine to get the whole office rocking. This was a favourite track for me as the gravel throat vocals (again delivered in English) are supported by some excellent grungy riffs. We are hearing a lot of good bands from Turkey and you can add Bam Bam Bam to the list.

Grab a listen here (or below video):




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