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BARE TEETH – ‘First The Town, Then The World’ Review

BARE TEETH – First The Town, Then The World

bare-teethReleased on May 19th, Bare Teeth have made their EP available as Digipack CDs, 12″ vinyl and in all digital formats. A dozen labels are partners of this co-production! The French punks pressed 250 demos and sold out and now we all get to enjoy their efforts!

The band also released, a music video for single Parted Ways taken off their new EP (see below).

The eight track EP launches into play with the title track, First The Town, Then The World where the splendid opening is joined by some melodic vocals, complex and tight musicianship to produce a truly terrific three minute punk package. On Behind The Wall, Bare Teeth layer the sound to produce something akin to Rise Against!/Against Me! In terms of melody and hooks.

The above-mentioned Parted Ways is next and it’s a relentless pounding beginning that settles into a groove that simply batters the listener into submission before a melody infused chorus provides just brief respites…very nice indeed!

Always Rain continues the energy with some neat guitar work elevating the track and it is followed by Down where Bare Teeth back off just a tad and produce some intricate inter-instrument play before the vocals induce a fast paced, pounding drum driven song.

On Tomorrow Starts Today the band produce a true encore with some hardcore influence and a mosh pit friendly rhythm. The penultimate song of the eight features Steve Rawles and These Towns Need Guns is a more full on hardcore vocal met with other more melodic voices…good stuff. The EP concludes with an acoustic version of the earlier track, Behind The Wall and the dominant vocal harmonies show a more tender side to Bare Teeth.

First The Town, Then The World is full of intrigue, complexity and is a strong offering. Check out Bare Teeth here https://bareteethmusic.bandcamp.com/