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BARGAIN BIN HEROES – ‘Droppin’ The Deuce’ Album Review

BARGAIN BIN HEROES – Droppin’ The Deuce

Bargain Bin HeroesBargain Bin Heroes is a high energy Punk/Ska (and Touch of Reggae) band from Fort Myers, FL. They formed in the summer of 2014 and have played all over the state of Florida.

The nine-track album, Droppin’ The Deuce, opens with Anticipation where some power chords build into a powerful punk-ska effort brimming with melodic vocals and brass section.

The follow up, Hopeless will have you dusting off the Doc Martens and Sta Press as the stomping ska/reggae beat is overlaid with some meaty guitars and catchy vocals – great stuff! On Summer Vacation the Bargain Bin Heroes rock things up with a pummeling beat, excellent trombone and sax and some meaty riffs – the entire office looked up from their desks and smiles where seen everywhere and vibe is continued on the punkier Coming Home.

With a reference to their home state, North On 75 and a drive out of town with the backing vocals adding an Oi! atmosphere to the ska-punk effort. Bargain Bin Heroes maintain the pace (and slightly up it) on Back Burner with a faster and more punk rock song.

Over And Out taps into some Caribbean reggae vibes and puts a faster ska beat on top before launching into punkier choruses and then back again to the reggae/ska beat. The penultimate song, Motivational Speaking is just 78 seconds in length and a good deal is silence before a fast hi-hat and jazzy bass underwrites some spoken word – it’s a strange track but effective and leads to the great fun of The Moon with its punk and ska approach.

This is a fun, accomplished and great exploration of the ska-punk-reggae genres. You won’t be disappointed!


Grab a listen to Droppin’ The Deuce by Bargain Bin Heroes here:




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