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BARREN WOMB – ‘Old Money/New Lows’ Review

BARREN WOMB – Old Money/New Lows

Barren WombNearly three years since their last full length release, Barren Womb return with Old Money / New Lows: The band describe the album as “A jarring, mid-tempo dirge in 8 movements.” The Nordic duo, comprising singer/drummer Timo Silvola and singer/guitarist Tony Gonzalez, sure are able to create a wall of sound. Old Money / New Lows will be released February 16th on CD, limited vinyl and digital through Loyal Blood Records/Spartan Records.

From the slow solo drum intro to Crook Look, it is clear that we are onto something different and the background vocals are soon joined by powerful guitar chords. The atmosphere is one of fear, anger and sinister undertones. There is a hint of the White Stripes, Fugazi and even Black Flag about Barren Womb. The songs are lengthy and that allows the stories to develop over segments of musical approach.

On Mystery Meat the pace increases with powerful musical segments mixing with vocal sections and the track wanders down different streets and alleyways with a melodic bass driven extended exit. This is different stuff for sure as Theory of Anything takes a Royal Blood approach but puts it through the hardcore filter resulting in a heavy and melodic song.

The almost seven minute Slumlord Millionaire takes on a grindcore approach with pounding drums, spoken word/screamed vocals and the odd weird extended fragment of atonal feedback. On Cave Dweller Barren Womb rock things up a little with a dirty riff supporting the plaintive vocals whereas on Drive-Through Liquor Store the riffs keep on hitting but with some pacey moments. The Amebix like “You’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive” screamed vocal hits the right note!

The penultimate song, Mad 187 Skills opens with some female chorus and that juxtaposes nicely with the aggressive kick in of the drums, guitar and gravel throat male vocals. The track rocks in Rage Against The Machine way. The closer is the almost seven minute in length, Russian Handkerchief and it grinds its way into you gut with melody and sludge melding to produce a sledgehammer of a song.

Check out Old Money/New Lows by Barren Womb here: https://barrenwomb.bandcamp.com/