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BEARFOOT BEWARE – ‘Sea Magnolia’ Album Review


Bearfoot BewareSelf described as “Energetic and scrappy”, Bearfoot Beware are an alternative rock band from Leeds, UK. Their new album, Sea Magnolia is released on March 16th, 2018.

Opening with the jerky and relentlessly pounding Point Scorer, the band show a knack for penning a powerful ditty with twists and turns throughout dominated by shouted vocals and a great guitar riff.  The second of nine songs on this album, Without A Shot Fired reminded me a little of The Fall (with a little bit of Idles and Future of The Left thrown in) with fast guitar licks, fuzzy bass and some chaotic sections.

The five-plus minutes of Knot In The Rope maintain a math-punk edge with intricate musical interplay, fast sections, spoken word parts and an overall vibe of barely contained energy (loved the big bass as well). The relatively mellow, and slightly disconcerting beginning of Philistines leads down some surprising roads with an almost free-jazz approach all driven by a supremely dirty bass guitar!

On Punk Is Violence the extended, fast-paced rocking introduction builds into an urgent punk effort and it is followed by No Wisdom where Bearfoot Beware package in a number of angular sounds with a rhythmic underpinning. The 98 seconds of Future Beaut keep up the math-punk approach with the vocals more withdrawn and the guitars up front and slightly weird!

The penultimate song, Check matches punk with indie with, dare I mention it, prog rock with the Fall influence again on display. Ending with the title track, Sea Magnolia, Bearfoot Beware test the speakers with a powerful wall of sound, shouty vocals and atonal guitar driven sections.

This is good post-punk/math –punk stuff and you can get a hold of Sea Magnolia by Bearfoot Beware here:





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