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BEAT OBSOLETE – ‘Self-Titled’ Album Review


Beat ObsoleteHailing from South Florida, USA, Beat Obsolete have just released a self-titled album and it contains ten-tracks of superb punk rock. Opening with the muscle-bound riffs of the title track and band name, Beat Obsolete, it manages to cross Rage Against The Machine with Motorhead and Black Flag to pound the listener into blissful submission.

The brilliantly named, Satan Is President is an all-out, full frontal attack on the wanker in the White House and combines some hardcore choruses with powerful yet melodic verses. The band take on the political state of the world and they do it with no shortage of passion and power as they do on Civilized War where a latent Cramps style lick is the foundation for a full on driving punk rocker with a rollicking chorus and, attacking the idiot-in-chief further, C.O.V.F.E.F.E. produces a 200mph romp of sheer punk rock terror!

On Citywide Destruction, Beat Obsolete bring together some discordant guitar into a head-banging riff replete with thrashing beats and melodic vocals managing to remind me of some of the best of UK82 and SoCal punksters, Circle Jerks and then Jesus On Acid adds a dirty bass lick to some cymbal/hi-hat work before a Dead Kennedys style guitar launches us into mosh-pit heaven for an instrumental of immense power.

The seventh track of the ten is Havana Sonic Attack and this one is a sub-two-minute hardcore punk song with that Black Flag DNA whereas Love And Trust takes things up a notch or two for another 120 seconds or so of raucous punk rock played with pace and precision. The penultimate song Hialeah Cowboy somehow manages to squeeze yet more pace of the musicians for a hardcore romp of the likes not heard since MDC and Husker Du were setting land speed records! The closer is Death Lottery and the band just leave nothing on the cutting room floor as they pound out a powerful punk rock/hardcore slab of power that left the entire staff at breathless and smiling in appreciation of some authentic music played well throughout.


You have to get this one by Beat Obsolete and you can get it here:




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